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Virtual & Hybrid events are our future.

2020 truly hit the reset button on reimagining the live event industry and the endless possibilities of future brand experiences.

Live or virtual, every type of event needs to deliver your company’s philosophy, drive connections and revenue, while building long term brand loyalty. Whether it be, hybrid or live we are able to offer fully immersive experiences that reimagine, rewrite and redefine how we bring people together.


Our team are able to blend the finest creative thinking with

first-class digital production delivery.

We create virtual destinations with partners that understand our vision for engaging and enhancing human experiences.

Virtual or hybrid shouldn’t limit your reach or ability to develop face-to-face value. Human experiences are at the heart of our continued development to better our services that cater to your event requirements.


"Most of the platforms for virtual conferences are built by third-party providers that don't organise events."

Paddy Cosgrave, Co-founder of Web Summit

We bridge the gap.

Our services include:


- Digital & Creative Project Leadership

- Creative & Technical Direction

- 3D Architectural Design 

- 3D & 2D Animated Content 

- Live Action Production

- Audio Design & Post Production 

- Broadcast & Live Stream Production


Platform Features:



Immersive destinations built from either bespoke design or modelled on existing iconic locations. 



Chat function or multi-way video calling. 

Audience Participation

Live Q&A, audience polling and more.



Making the moments between live sessions exciting.


Exhibitor Engagement.

Live chat with sponsors or brand ambassadors.

Triggerable Content

Your audience stays engaged with your brand in both 3D environments and on demand.

Virtual Stage

Our production team will bring live streamed content, and creative stage design together in unison. Your event host can present from anywhere in the world from a destination of your choice.


Velvet Badger. Evolving virtual experiences.      +44 (0)20 3797 7596

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