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Rockstar - Call of Duty Black Ops


Client: Twitch

Brand: Rockstar & Activision 

Studio: Velvet Badger

Audio: Box of Toys Audio

After delivering a successful animation with Twitch this summer, Velvet Badger were again enlisted to direct and produce a new 30 second animation for Rockstar Energy and their new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War promotional cans. 


Giving Twitch users the essential gaming fuel required for late nights and levelling up, Rockstar Energy Drink partnered with Activision to promote the launch of the legendary franchise, Call of Duty. Rockstar re-designed their original can to bolster the hotly anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and offer Twitch users the chance to win a number of prizes including double XP, the Ultimate Edition game and coveted Sony PS5 console. 


Through the use of dynamic animated liquid, exclusive clips of game content and creative audio design, Velvet Badger positioned the Rockstar can at the centre of the adrenaline fueled war zone. Set against a backdrop of the Cold War, the can encapsulates and contains the explosive energy required to compete and play at the next level.

With just under 8 weeks to design and animate the 30 second animation, the clan stocked up on some Rockstar Energy Drink to aid them in producing and delivering another successful commercial.

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