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Skill Cube New York

Summer 2019 and the Velvet Badger team have been extremely busy collaborating with industry giant Green Room Design, creating content for an industry first, multi-sensory, immersive experience for Puma.


Client: Puma

Agency: Green Room Design

Content Production: Velvet Badger

Green Room Design conceived and developed the ‘Skill Cube’. A unique digital 1-2-1 personalised experience of training sessions delivered by a range of world famous sporting idols. 

‘Skill Cube’ went live on August 29th on the day of the PUMA 5th Avenue flagship store opening and Velvet Badger were commissioned to produce the digital creative content. Enabling

the full CGI end to end journey for all ambassadors as they guide you through exercises and trails all the way from London to the San Siro.

"Velvet Badger have been instrumental in the delivery of a project which has seen international and industry acclaim since its launch. Their expertise in supporting R&D, as well as their attention to detail (micro and macro), has helped create a visually stunning piece of creative that truly immerses the audience. I look forward to working with the team on further projects in the future."

Martyn Palmer - Digital Experience Director - Green Room Design

All content was created for a full 270° floor to ceiling environment and rendered at a whopping 12k resolution. We crafted a beautiful Puma branded locker room to house football superstars Anton Griezmann and Romelu Lukaku as well as bringing a full 80,000 seat San Siro stadium to life. 

All footage was shot at 8K to composite and grade the talent into our CGI environments. Our production team also had their paws busy managing the delivery of over 1000 deliverable assets to be coded and integrated into the digital experience by the Green Room team. 

No experience is complete without stunning audio design. Working with audio partner Box of Toys we built a multi layered unique composition for a 4.1 surround sound bed that propelled the experience to another level.

One of our most challenging projects to date. We had to devise a way of filling an entire stadium with over 90,000 3D generated fans to be rendered from 3 viewpoints at 12k for around a 4 minute duration. 

Filling the stadium was no mean feat -  taking us on a journey from Cinema 4D to Houdini to google sheets and back to Cinema 4D. Creating 12 data points for every single fan in the stadium meant that the client had ultimate control over the fan activity, sponsorship board content and screens.

Over 5 million blades of grass were rendered across multiple layers to be able to achieve realism while being able to switch out pitch patterns and control randomness in post. The stadium was built in multiple layers to provide capability to make changes in post production and even add a hard core section of fans behind the goal to enhance the atmosphere, noise and intensify the atmosphere as the participant travelled up the pitch. 


After over 800 hours on the Velvet Badger render farm the 3D stadium was complete. An extremely intense post production process then followed adding stadium lights, atmosphere, particles before finally compositing in our trialist. To blend the ambassador seamlessly into the environment we not only had to key them out but also rotoscope their bottom half to blend live action astro with our stadium grass.  

This fully encompassing Puma project consisted of over 50,000 layers taking up more than 20TB of space for just over 1000 individual deliverables.

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