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Jaguar Land Rover


Innovation Labs


Creative Agency: Imagination

Physical Build: Imagination

Animation: Chris Joyce

Our CD Chris Joyce has worked with Imagination for over 3 years collaborating on some exciting Jaguar Land Rover projects. Below are some highlights of the content created for some ground breaking activations.

Ingenium Engine

A stunningly beautiful activation made from finely etched glass slices creating a near life-size 3D dissection of an Ingenium, PHEV and BEV engine. Nestled within the etched glass slices sit three transparent interactive screens that visitors could pull out to reveal customer benefits and technical stories about specific engine parts through a series of stunning 3D animations.

I-Pace Activation

Jaguar launched their first ever electronic vehicle in Los Angeles and as a technological first it was one of the highlights of the Innovation Lab. The installation featured a car with moving wheels simulating a road trip from Laguna Beach to Las Vegas. I animated the road with real textures from the journey and mapped out the exact route on a nearby transparent screen. All car data was as accurate as possible and even matched the wheel speed of the car when accelerating making the journey seem as seamless as possible.

F-Pace Activation

The F-Pace was spectacularly revealed in Frankfurt where I assisted Imagination to create content for another ambitious activation. This involved a model of the car being split in two with screens sliding over each side to reveal key features about the car. I worked on the onscreen content for one side of the F-Pace.

Connected Car

Another technically challenging activation from Imagination that detailed Jaguar Land Rover’s Connected Car technology. Encompassing a story of two families by emphasising how the technology supports their active lifestyles. The films were embedded within beautiful display cases next to the products with synced up animations to reinforce their role. I worked on the compositing and VFX of the films as well as animating the hype box designs and device screen animations.

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