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The Velvet Badger is a singular beast,

It is beauty in motion, it is graceful and sleek,

Smart and strong with tiny hands and ears,

Made for the velveteen vocals of the smooth groove years.


The Velvet Badger is a hybrid creature. Much like all of evolution’s finest achievements, it was conceived through the successful fusion of seemingly opposing breeds to create a super-evolved species. Chris Joyce and Kerry Adams are Velvet Badger. A Motion Design Director and Executive Producer respectively, together they are ushering in the next epoch in creative practice and production intelligence.


The Velvet Badger is a full-service Design & Motion Studio that takes pride in crafting beautiful moving image through fastidious direction and delivery. With strategic inspiration and creative excellence at the heart of the beast, the Velvet Badger flexes its claws to deliver stunning content in a timely, cost-effective and robust manner.


The Velvet Badger strives to maximise the mix of creativity and service woven directly into its DNA. Its ability to own the complete process from conception to reconciliation is bolstered by its innate desire to burrow further into the heart of the brief, sharpening its creative claws a little more each time.

Velvet Badger

The Ministry,

79-81 Borough Rd,




+44 (0)20 3797 7596

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