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Avantgarde, London


Formula E World - Screen Content

Client: Avantgarde
Brand: Formula E
Creative Direction: Aaron Daniels
Art Direction: Velvet Badger
Animation: Velvet Badger
UI Graphics: DixonBaxi
Environmental & Experience Design: Avantgarde
Audio: Silk Sound
Music: Formula E

We kicked off 2019 in collaboration with leading global brand experience agency Avantgarde, creating an exciting and stylish animation for the new Formula E season.

They approached us to help create video content to be played within Formula E World at each race event.We were briefed to encapsulates the thrill of a race from the driver’s perspective, from flag to finish. Once we had created a 3D style we rigged up two Formula E cars around a circuit, then married the sequence with a mix of X-particles & post effects to create a dynamic visualisation of the driver’s emotions. The energy and tension of the film was significantly enhanced by the soundtrack created by Silk Sound, adding another dimension to bring the film to life.

"Really enjoyed working with Velvet Badger on this, is was a great collaboration. Smooth, detailed and meticulous, Chris and Kerry brought the vision to life beautifully. Thanks guys!"

- Aaron Daniels, Avantgarde


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