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Velvet Badger wordmark
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Dancing Seahorse


Web 3.0, Creative Direction, NFT Design

Music Meets Web3. Dancing Seahorse is a newly formed company for a new world of value. Leading the way in a music-first cultural shift into Web3. Providing access to exclusive worldwide VIP concerts, festivals and club nights, Dancing Seahorse is your first class membership to live music.

Grid of 444 Legendary Dancing Seahorses
Legendary Dancing Seahorse Collection

The Brief

Alongside the brand development and implementation, Velvet Badger were commissioned to devise and realise an innovative Web3 strategy that paved the way for Dancing Seahorse to lead a cultural revolution through music.

The conception and production of the NFT offering was fundamental to success with a discerning Web3 music audience. It was imperative to deliver the highest level of creativity to meet and surpass expected levels of unique richness of the IP, within each asset, for each user.

Ledgendary Dancing Seahorse Designs
Dancing in
the detail

This was one of the most creatively and technically detail NFT projects ever realised. Every component of the Seahorses and their individual traits was handcrafted at source, from explorative design through to the final 3D modelling. Thousands of hours were spent refining initial concepts, resulting in a complex array of over 1,000 individual assets.

The highest level of access was contained within the 444 Legendary Dancing Seahorses. Each of these VIP emblems was individually handcrafted to reflect their exclusive nature. A further 8,888 Premium Dancing Seahorses comprised the generative collection, together representing an exhaustive range of over 800 individual 3D traits, all rendered at 4K quality.

Montage of all 444 Legendary Dancing Seahorse NFTs
Legendary Dancing Seahorse NFT Trading Card Design
800+ Hand
crafted traits

Premium Dancing Seahorse Collection

Premium NFT collection Dancing Seahorse with Guitar
Premium Dancing Seahorse NFT Collection with Drum kit Premium Dancing Seahorse NFT Collection with Microphone Premium Dancing Seahorse NFT Collection with Keyboard
Premium Dancing Seahorse NFT Collection with Bandanna Premium Dancing Seahorse NFT Collection with jazzy Coat Premium Dancing Seahorse NFT Collection with Guitar

Exclusive Accessibility

In order to create a community that encompassed both seasoned Web3 veterans and new adopters alike, we provided comprehensive support tools in the form of explainers, community management and social media support across channels.

This information served to practically explain the workings of the Web3 infrastructures while detailing the user and community benefits that the Dancing Seahorse brand epitomised.