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Velvet Badger wordmark
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Dancing Seahorse




Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Tokenomics, Community Management

Music Meets Web3. Dancing Seahorse is a newly formed company for a new world of value. Leading the way in a music-first cultural shift into Web3. Providing access to exclusive worldwide VIP concerts, festivals and club nights, Dancing Seahorse is your first class membership to live music.

Man in club enjoying music in moody lighting
Music Meets Web3

The Brief

Velvet Badger were commissioned to develop the brand and devise an innovative Web3 strategy to pave the way for Dancing Seahorse to lead a cultural revolution through music.

The brand had to provide holders with access to VIP concerts and experiences, powered by NFTs and exclusive unique content, alongside the levels of ownership and transparency that are fundamental to Web3 communities.

Bold & Moving
Dancing Seahorse logo development concepts


We developed a framework for the brand to reflect the emotion and core drivers of the offering, mindful of the dual passions of the Web3 music audience: sophistication and transparency.

Focusing on inspiration and aspiration provided the vehicle for a brand tone and framework that epitomised the passion and dedication of music fans, with the promise of exclusivity that anchored the unique sense of value within the offering.

Dancing Seahorse Brand and Poster Design Dancing Seahorse Brand activation at VIP Event VIP Event branding including NFT design Event activation branding at the Dancing Seahorse Club

Brand Design

The identity and visual behaviours of the brand needed to capture the bold nature of the offering. A carefully crafted palette of striking colours and contrasts was developed to enhance emotive imagery, infused with a feeling of constant motion to reflect the restless feelings of excitement and possibilities.

Digital branding for website in mobile and desktop formats Invitations for VIP events Dancing Seahorse Club branding and window wraps Dancing Seahorse Club poster designs for music artist events
Mobile branding for Dancing Seahorse

We developed a comprehensive set of guidelines that ensured the feeling of luxurious sophistication was always retained, but had the flexibility to be applied across realms and platforms.

VIP Concerts
& Events
Elton John Poster for VIP Activation POLO G Event Poster for VIP Activation Ed Sheeran Poster for VIP Activation

The brand was conceived to evolve in line with the offering, to have a life of its own through community application and leadership from key artists, while ensuring that any expression always epitomised Dancing Seahorse and their mission to evolve music for artists and fans together.

NFT Creation

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The Results

Recorded over 1 month

  • Twitter254k Global Reach
  • 4.86m Global Reach
  • +20k Increase in Visitors
  • Website>15k Daily visits
  • Sales+88ETH Highest secondary sale
  • $7M+ Total primary volume