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Dancing Seahorse is a newly formed company that aims to lead a music-first cultural shift into Web3. Providing access to exclusive worldwide VIP concerts, festivals and club nights, Dancing Seahorse is your first class membership to live music.

Confined by the current issues facing the music industry, with first-hand experience of the many pitfalls, Dancing Seahorse wanted to create change from within. To reignite and unite fans, artists and musicians through unforgettable VIP experiences using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology.

Backed by some of the world’s most prominent musical artists and NFT collectors, Dancing Seahorse is one of the most exclusive private membership clubs running on the Ethereum Blockchain.

After being 1 of 50 agencies put forward for this project, Velvet Badger was delighted to win the contract and provide a full scope of roles to grow this business from an concept into a global Web3 brand.









In order to break new ground with this new initiative, Dancing Seahorse commissioned Velvet Badger to define and develop a brand image that intrinsically links cultural identity across Web2 and Web3 environments, resonating with a select group of music fans that echo a level of sophistication, aspiration and experiential connection.

To help support this, Velvet Badger created a design system to match the passion and excitement ingrained within the brand, providing a bold visual language that retains its visual styling alongside the ever-evolving Web3 environment.

This manifested through a set of brand guidelines that covered a comprehensive range of outputs, ensuring the brand could activate in both digital and physical environments while living up to its ambition and expectation of a luxury brand.



NFTs and the Web3 environment, in general, are relatively new for the majority of audiences, so it was essential to help develop, showcase and demonstrate the real core benefits of a Web3 business, and how it can help support and evolve the music industry.

To support Dancing Seahorse, we provided insight and education to ensure the process of onboarding was accessible as possible, critically, ensuring that not only seasoned veterans of Web3 and NFTs understood the project's roadmap and goals, but those new audiences could bridge the gap from traditional Web2 infrastructures and understanding.

Providing support in the form of project write-ups, video explainers, interviews, social media support and all-around community management, the Velvet Badger team were critical in helping educate and inform audiences acquired through any external marketing efforts of the Dancing Seahorse team.

A wealth of information was created to help communicate the brand's strategy while showcasing the benefits and ambition of the project, all providing the transparency that Web3 desires while enabling new users to research and understand the inner workings of the Dancing Seahorse brand.




In order to support Dancing Seahorse's core offering, Velvet Badger's creative production of the membership NFT was central to its Web3 audience, providing the ability to access a vast array of benefits and rewards. It was vitally important to ensure that the highest level of creativity was delivered to provide the richness of each asset's unique IP.

​​Creatively, this is one of the most detailed NFT collections ever. Every component of the Seahorse and trait (items) has been handcrafted, from explorative design to conception and final 3D modelling. Thousands of hours were spent refining initial concepts and generating each individual 3D file, managing a complex array of over 1000+ assets.

Each of the 444 Legendary Dancing Seahorses, which provided the highest level of VIP access, was individually designed. In comparison, 8888 Premium Dancing Seahorses launched with newly textured models to create a unique generative collection. This created an exhaustive range of over 800 individual 3D traits rendered in 4k.