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Christian Louboutin


'Miss Loubitree'
Beauty Christmas Campaign 2021



Full Credits:
Client: Christian Louboutin
Agency: Puig
Studio: Velvet Badger
Creative Director: Chris Joyce
llustrators: Hélène Tran, Greg Lewis
3D: Lukas Kuhn, Enric Rodriguez, Nemanja Ivanovic, Tabriaz Waheed, Lisander Qorri, Bobby M
2D: James Wignall
Audio: Box of Toys

After last year's beautiful collaboration with Barcelona based agency Puig, the Badgers were overjoyed to be handed another irresistible Christmas campaign for Christian Louboutin. This time we were commissioned not only to showcase all of the new and exciting CL products but also to introduce a new character and member of the Louboutin world, Miss Loubitree. 


Now, Miss Loubitree is no ordinary tree. She comes alive to transform herself from the painting while embarking on a journey through the innermost halls of the Louboutin Christmas production factory. This allowed us to symbiotically showcase the elegance and variety of the products that Christian Louboutin’s range has to offer. Red, white, gold and silver make this factory feel like a Christmas gift in it’s own right. The products glisten and stand as tall as giants in the grand and impressive architecture. As Miss Loubitree emerges from her adventure, floating out of the door, she dazzles with charms, products, ribbons and gifts. Leaving you poised to begin your very own Christmas adventure.  


The Badgers spent 6 months working hard to craft and supply a visually striking and imaginative Christmas Campaign with more than 150 deliverables. As the rest of the world put their wheels back in motion we steamed on ahead with another inspiring and innovative dive into crafting an entirely new world. Velvet Badger envisioned and then created a one minute film as well as an abundance of campaign assets including capsule videos, cut-downs, gifs and stills to be used across social, digital and retail.


The Badgers unique ability to provide both exquisite design and meticulous attention to detail is something we will continue to take pride in. After being involved from creative inception to final delivery while weaving through a series of technical challenges, the final campaign showcases these values perfectly. 

Social Campaign

The Christmas campaign needed to transcend all platforms and modes of publication which required an army of assets in multiple formats to ensure they could be used across retail and social media. We combed through the film to identify the perfect pack shots and compositions for gifs, stills and cutdown videos to be edited and rendered in multiple formats. In addition, we created individual capsule videos to tease more of the products for a range global markets. With over 250 individual deliverables, we had to create a production asset handbook to aid the client in asset management to support the campaign roll out.

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