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Miss Loubisnow
Beauty Campaign


Christian Louboutin


Full Creative Campaign, CGI Animation, 3D Project Modelling, Print & Digital Campaign

2022 heralded the third year of beautiful Christmas collaborations between Puig and the Badgers. As always, the team was overjoyed to embark upon what has become a Velvet Badger tradition: the most ‘Christmassy’ campaign of the year!

Christian Louboutin, Loubisnow Beauty Campaign
'Miss Loubisnow' 2022 Christmas Campaign

The Brief

Our brief was to transform an old-fashioned fairground into an enchantingly bright & colourful 'Loubified' destination, guided and revealed by our latest character creation, 'Miss Loubisnow'!

This was an exciting brief, challenging us to imagine and develop CGI and animation to work hand-in-hand in creating a new, awe-inspiring world.

Miss Loubisnow

For one snowy Winter's night, Miss Loubisnow is our host and guide through five Christian Louboutin rides, each housing the classic & new beauty products collection for 2022. Each ride allowed us to focus on the individuality and unique aesthetics of the range.

The gloriously festive fairground carousel was the centrepiece of the campaign, while the elegant and diverse range of Christian Louboutin products were designed into every ride. Among the trees, the night sky and the Christmas lights, the products told their own magical story as they stood tall in the open mountain space, inspiring excitement and anticipation for the Christmas gifting period.

Christian Louboutin Miss Loubisnow Merry Go Round Merry go round of Christian Louboutin Lipsticks Animation of Fun Fair Big Wheel CGI Christian Louboutin Logo
Christian Louboutin Fun Fair CGI of Merry go round
Podium of Christian Louboutin product in CGI

The Badgers spent six months crafting a visually striking and imaginative Christmas Campaign with over 150 deliverables. As the rest of the world put their wheels back in motion, we steamed ahead once again with another beautifully innovative dive into an entirely new world.

Branding for Colorsport logo

Social Campaign

The campaign transcended a multitude of platforms and modes of publication, requiring an army of assets in a variety of formats, ensuring the broadest usage across retail and social media.