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Christian Louboutin


Chinese New Year 2019 Campaign

Client: Christian Louboutin
Studio: Velvet Badger
Director: Chris Joyce
DOP: Laurent Dublin
Animation: Lukas Kuhn, Enric Rodriguez, Mike Seager, Lisander Qorri
Audio: Box of Toys Audio

When Christian Louboutin approached Velvet Badger with a Chinese New Year project to celebrate the Year of the Rat, our attention was peaked and our whiskers were twitching.

The brief was to produce an emotive animated film of Pappa Rat’s journey home to Beijing on the famous Loubi Express just in time to celebrate Chinese New Year with his family. The animation has been crafted specifically for the Chinese market to roll out across multiple social media channels to celebrate the Chinese New Year whilst heroing some of Christian Louboutin’s fantastic new products.  


To ensure Louboutin products were included throughout the film we 3D scanned and modeled the stunning Elisa Bag while also making a quick trip to Paris for a green screen shoot. The shoot allowed our talented compositors to combine the products into the 3D scenes to fully integrate the products into the Loubi world. We also created a series of matching posters to accompany the campaign.


The Chinese New Year project was a quick turnaround for our busy badgers and a brilliant challenge to close the year!