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Braun Series 7 Advert


Client: Twitch

Brand: Braun

Studio: Velvet Badger

DOP: Laurent Dublin

Audio: Box of Toys Audio

Twitch approached the Velvet Badger Clan with the brief to attract their German GenZ & Millennial users on their platform to use the new BRAUN Series 7. By positioning gaming as the “mindset to improve”, Twitch sought to dispel the negative connotations often associated with gamers and instead showcase the advantages and benefits of gaming in order to improve one's day to day life. Using the everyday morning routine of a shave and positioning the product to empower and motivate a gamified mindset that encourages the user to be more confident in the face of everyday challenges. 


Through research and (essential) gaming, Velvet Badger looked to incorporate key characteristics of online gaming, including HUD design, technical sfx, dark colour palettes and fast paced product movements to fully capture and relate to the users on the platform and their gaming mindset.  


While lockdown was in full swing, our busy producers took on the new and exciting task of  planning and producing a zero-person green screen shoot in Germany with the well-known Twitch Influencer, chesftrobel. The remote shoot was successfully executed through the use of a   live video feed from the studio into our cosy homes and allowed the team to capture VO, scripted lines and BRAUN’s iconic product in-use shots. 


Despite working from home and adhering to strict pandemic guidelines, we successfully produced and delivered the 30 second animation within 9 weeks using Cinema4D, Octane, After Effects and of course, Zoom!


Styleframe Development.

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