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Always First


Sunil Gavaskar


Brand Design & Strategy, Web3 Strategy, Virtual Experience, Web Development, Smart Contracts, NFT Design

Sunil Gavaskar has been a cricketer defined by his firsts. The first to 10,000 runs, the first to 34 Test centuries and the first to win a World Cup for India. When the Indian cricket legend approached us with the desire for his own NFT campaign, we wanted to honour his achievements by creating one more first, for him and his fans, through the Always First campaign.

Sunil Gavaskar Hall of Fame 3D environment
The Sunil Gavaskar Collection

A 360° Strategic Campaign

We honoured his ambition by creating a world's first for Digital Collectables. To bring fans closer to Sunil we designed a bespoke home for the community, a virtual hall of fame. Here you could chat, connect with members, view an exclusive documentary, preview his rare artwork and even tune in for a live AMA with Sunil.

A full brand package was created alongside a dedicated website with a full social media and marketing support, all with a comprehensive  Web3.0 backend and technological support.

Always First Desktop Website for purchasing NFTs
Always First NFT Mobile Website

With his name being the driving force of the brand we put together an identity package that hero'ed his personality and stardom in the world of cricket and India. Mixing traditional iconography from his playing career with what modern fans expect in a digital collection gave us an stylistic art direction to run through the whole campaign.

Virtual Hall
of Fame

Hall of Frame CGI 3D Environment Entrance Hall of Frame CGI 3D Environment interactive wall Hall of Frame Sunil Gavaskar Statue
Sunil Gavaskar 3D GCI environment Sunil Gavaskar in 3D Environment Hall of Fame signage in CGI 3D Environment leading to Sunil Story

The world-first virtual 'Hall of Fame' was designed and developed as the home of the Gavascars Legacy. A bespoke architectural design based on Sunil's early memories gave a home for all our content with access exclusive to those fans who own one of the collectable NFTs.

Featuring high class exemplary 3D CGI animation, a dedicated personal documentary, never before seen photos from his career, brand new illustrated artwork. Nothing like this had ever been done before.

Digital Collectables

The Moments

A stunning collection of Sunil's most precious 7 key career moments brought to life with illustration, animation and being digitally signed from Mr Gavaskar himself. These beautiful artworks came within real life utility and meetings with Sunil and were an extremely rare part of the collection.

Illustration of Sunil Gavaskar playing Cricket Illustration of Sunil Gavaskar playing Cricket Illustration of Sunil Gavaskar playing Cricket Illustration of Sunil Gavaskar playing Cricket
The 34 Centuries
CGI of Gold Achievement NFT CGI of Gold Achievement NFT CGI of Gold Achievement NFT

To celebrate Sunil becoming the first man to achieve this feat. We designed a beautiful golden bat animation that revealed each and every hundred.

These collectables were sold as individual images and a 1/1 animated edition was sold with the ability to meet Sunil in person. The animation was supported by rare and licensed images from each game.

The Sunil Story
Sunil Gavaskar looking over the cricket pitch Sunil Gavaskar sitting in the criket stands Sunil Gavaskar sitting during the interview

To give our community something new we decided to film a unique personal documentary with Sunil. Flying out to the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai we sat Sunil down to talk about all his amazing stories and experiences from winning the World Cup to breaking so many records. Only members could access this documentary from inside the cinema room from our Hall of Fame.

The SG Emblems
Sunil Gavaskar NFT Ticket design Sunil Gavaskar NFT Ticket design

For a club with an expected goal of over 50k+ members we still wanted to create every membership token unique from one another. We designed a series of over 20 custom 3D mandala patterns littered with over 1000 individual traits including cricket iconography, hidden treasures and rare surprises.

Through the use of these assets, multiple 3D textures and an extremely large generative code we achieved our aim and created a completely unique 50k NFT digital collection.